Allen Physics Class Notes PDF Download For IIT JEE

Allen Physics Class Notes

Latest New Pattern Allen Physics Class Notes 2021 PDF Download For IIT JEE Class 11 physics notes. Class 12 physics module Class 12 physics notes Allen Modules.

Today in this post you will find the link to download IIT JEE Physics Class Notes in English. We will so try to upload the class Notes pdf download in Hindi as soon as possible. FITJEE class notes pdf download all modules. These Notes are provided by Allen Kota IIT JEE Coaching Institute.

These PDFs are collected during our 3 years of preparation of IIT JEE. So these IIT Physics Class Notes for IIT JEE books will help you a lot. I personally recommend you to use these IIT jee books as a must guide. Download these IIT JEE Physics Class Notes books which will help you in cracking the IIT JEE exam.

I am providing the download links of all these pdfs as they are really helpful but I also suggest you buy these in hard copies. If you are able to buy then please buy it instead of using pdf.

Contents of The Notes/Book:-

  1. Interference-of-light
  2. Modern-physics
  3. Ray-theory-part1
  4. Diffraction-of-light-_-polarisation
  5. Electromagnetic induction
  6. Ray-theory-part2
  7. Alternating current
  8. Magnetism-theory
  9. Electromagnetic waves-theory
  10. Electronics-semi-conductor-theory
  11. Logic-gates
  12. Principles-of-communication-system
  13. Capacitance
  14. Current electricity
  15. Elasticity
  16. Electrostatics
  17. Gravitation
  18. Magnetic Effects of Current
  19. Method of Impulse and Momentum
  20. Newtons laws of motion
  21. Particle kinematics
  22. Practical physics
  23. Rotational motion
  24. Temperature scales
  25. Wave theory
  26. Work energy

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