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Understanding Physics by DC Pandey PDF Free Download:- DC Pandey Mechanics 1 Part-1. DC Pandey Mechanics 1 Part-2. DC Pandey Mechanics 1 Part-3. Waves-And-Thermodynamic Part-1.Waves-And-Thermodynamic Part-2. Waves-And-Thermodynamic Part-3 DC PANDEY Physics Full Study Material For JEE/PMT. DC PANDEY Physics Full Study Material For JEE/PMT Download Free PDF Electricity and Magnetism.

DC Pandey Understanding Physics book is quite good for IIT JEE and other entrance examinations. DC Pandey Understanding Physics is in 5 books, I mean there are 5 parts of this Physics book. Each chapter of all these 5 books covers a variety of questions including from basic to advanced level. You will get about 100 to 300 questions in each chapater. Also, there is a full explanation of each and every question.

About The Book:-

  • Author Of Book:- DC PANDEY
  • Size Of Book:- Unknown
  • Number Of Pages:- Divided in Different Books
  • Category:- Physics
  • Page Quality:- Good
  • Language:- English

Highlights of DC Pandey Physics:-

  • Verity of questions in each and every chapter
  • Questions are segregated for on the IIT JEE exam.
  • Tips and Tricks to solving different types of questions.
  • The level of questions is enough for IIT JEE mains and advanced level.
  • Text Summary at the end of each topic.

Drawbacks of DC Panday Physics:-

  • Explanation of Some topics are not up to the mark, it needs more questions.
  • In some chapters, the level of questions is not up to mark for IIT JEE advanced level.

Table of Contents of DC Pandey Understanding Physics:-

  • DC Pandey Understanding Physics Mechanics (Part -1)
  • DC Pandey Understanding Physics Mechanics (Part -2)
  • DC Pandey Understanding Physics  Electricity and Magnetism
  • DC Pandey Understanding Physics  Optics and Modern Physics
  • DC Pandey Understanding Physics  Waves and Thermodynamics

Each Parts Chapter:-

Mechanics Part-1:- Basic Mathematics, Measurements and Errors, Experiments, Units and Dimensions, Vectors, Kinematics, Projectile Motion, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, and Circular Motion.

Mechanics Part-2:- Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum and Collision, Rotational Mechanics, Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Elasticity, and Fluid Mechanics.

Waves and Thermodynamics:- Wave Motion, Superposition of Waves, Sound Waves, Thermometry, Thermal Expansion and Kinetic Theory of Gases, Laws of Thermodynamics and Calorimetry and Heat Transfer.

Electricity and Magnetism:-  Current Electricity, Electrostatics, Capacitors, Magnetics, Electromagnetic Induction, and Alternating Current. Volume List of Chapters:- Optics and Modern Physics:- Electromagnetic Waves, Reaction of Light, Refraction of Light, Interference, and Diffraction of Light, Modern Physics-I, Modern Physics-II, Semiconductors, and Communication System

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Download Links:-

1. Mechanics(part 1) – Download

2. Mechanics (part 2) – Download

3. Waves and Thermodynamics – Download

. Electricity and magnetism – Download

5. optics and modern physics – Download

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In This post you can Download DC Pandey Understanding Physics PDF Download For IIT JEE through the google drive link. This link is neither created nor uploaded by us. We are Just proving the google drive link in this post so that the students can easily download these study materials. If the owner of these study materials has any problem then feel free to contact us through our Contact Us page. We will definitely remove that link from our website. Our website doesn’t support piracy. These copies are only for the financially poor students and those who need them. Thank you.


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