History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra Book Review

History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra
History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra pdf download

Today examthrill.com is providing a very important book named History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra. In this Article, you will get the full information about History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra such that book’s specifications, table of contents, about the book’s author.

History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra Book’s Highlight:-

  • Book’s Name:- History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Orient BlackSwan
  • ISBN: 9788125036845, 8125036849
  • 1st Edition:- 2009
  • Pages: 351

Summary Of The Book

History Of Modern India is a book that is composed by an eminent student of history, Bipan Chandra. The substance of this book is a consequence of Chandra’s examination regarding the matters of expansionism and patriotism in the nation. Aside from his exploration, Chandra has likewise drawn from crafted by famous students of history amid that time ever.

Altogether, there are 14 parts in this book cover diverse periods in Indian history. A portion of the parts in this book incorporate Indian States And Society In The Eighteenth Century, Religious And Social Reform After 1858, The Struggle For Sawaraj, The Nationalist Movement, European Penetration And The British Conquest, Social And Cultural Awakening In The First Half Of The Nineteenth Century, The Decline Of The Mughal Empire, and The Revolt Of 1857. Some different sections incorporate The Nationalist Movement: 1858-1905, Administrative Changes After 1858, and Administrative Organization And Society And Cultural Policy.

This book doesn’t concentrate on the political components amid that period, however, manages the monetary, religious, and social history of India. Through the course of this book, Chandra gives understanding on a few occasions in present-day Indian history, for example, the foundation of the British East India Company, which prompted a fixed hold of the British over India. Chandra additionally clarifies that the real purpose for the pioneer rule was to misuse India by methods for venture and exchange. The parts in this book are organized in the sequential request, beginning from the British Rule to the autonomy of the nation. This bit of writing furnishes its perusers with heaps of data on the patriot development, tossing light on the commitments made by a few distinct people. This book is an unquestionable requirement have for history understudies and in addition for the individuals who need to pick up knowledge into the historical backdrop of current India.

This book was distributed by Orient Blackswan in 2009.

About The Author Bipan Chandra:-

Bipan Chandra is a famous creator and history specialist from India. Aside from this book, Chandra has composed various different books, and they incorporate Essays on Colonialism, The Epic Struggle, Communalism in Modern India, The Rise And Growth Of Economic Nationalism In India: Economic Policies Of Indian National Leadership, Indian National Movement: The Long-Term Dynamics, and In The Name Of Democracy: The JP Movement And The Emergency.

Chandra was conceived in Himachal Pradesh, and he finished his tutoring from Forman Christian College in Lahore. He finished his degree from Stanford University, USA, and proceeded to gain a doctorate from the University of Delhi. For quite a while, Chandra filled in as an educator at Hindu College, Delhi. Afterward, he showed history at Jawaharlal Nehru University. In the year 1985, he was chosen to be the General President of the Indian History Congress. He has additionally filled in as the Chairman of the National Book Trust, New Delhi. Chandra has likewise been a piece of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

Table Of Contents:-

1. The Decline of the Mughal Empire
2. The Indian States and Society in the Eighteenth Century
3. European Penetration and the British Conquest
4. The Structures of Government and the Economic Policies of the British Empire in India
5. Administrative Organisation and Social and Cultural Policy
6. Social and Cultural Awakening in the first Half of the Nineteenth Century
7. The Revolt of 1857
8. Administrative Changes after 1858
9. The Economic Impact of British Rule
10. The Nationalist Movement: 1858 – 1905
11. Religious and Social Reform after 1858
12. The Nationalist Movement: 1905 – 18
13. The Struggle of Swaraj
14. The Struggle for Sawaraj: 1927 – 47

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