How to Prepare for NDA Exam || Preparation Strategy and Best Books

How to Prepare for NDA and NA Exam Preparation Strategy and Best Books
How to Prepare for NDA and NA Exam Preparation Strategy and Best Books

In This Article, You Will Find How to Prepare for NDA and NA Exam || Preparation Strategy and Best Books. Friends everyone don’t have the chance to serve his country. If you also want to make a career in the Indian Army, then start preparing for the NDA Exam. The Union Public Service Commission UPSC organizes entrance exams for NDA twice a year. Candidates who have passed 12th can apply for this examination. If you want to make a career in the country service through the NDA, then you should be aware of all the important aspects related to this exam.

Examination pattern:-

  1. Written Exam
  2. SSB Interview
  • Both Written Exam SSB Interview is of total 900-900 marks.

1. Written Exam:-

It has two parts – General Ability and Mathematics. 150 questions are asked in General Ability Paper and it is of 600 marks. There are 120 questions in Maths Paper, which have 300 marks. 2.30 hours are given for each part.

Preparation strategy For Written Exam:-

To be selected in NDA you have to prepare the right strategy for your preparation and a smart study plan. The first step towards proper preparation is to know the important topics of your syllabus. To be successful in the NDA exam, you must have your command on both papers. At the same time, you should start preparing your interview with a written test. Now let’s check the subject wise strategy plan.

General Ability Test:-

General Ability has 150 questions, divided into two sections – English and General Knowledge. Total time for this section will be 2.30 hours. Through these, your basic English skills and general knowledge and IQ levels are assessed. If your basic skills are good then you can score well in this paper.

Part A: English

This section contains 50 questions of 200 marks. For this, you have to be aware of Grammar Basic Rules and strong your reading comprehension and vocabulary. Divide the time of preparation according to the topics and give sufficient time to all topics.

Part B: General Knowledge

The general knowledge section contains 100 questions of 400 marks. The questions asked here range from science to Indian history, physics, geography, chemistry and current events. It also includes questions about current events related to areas such as sports, politics, finance, banking, tax, RBI, arts, awards, literature etc. Regularly reading the newspaper and viewing the news channel will strengthen your general knowledge


Mathematics section contains 120 questions of 300 marks. The questions will be associated with many special topics of Maths such as calculus, differential equation, trigonometry, algebra, matrix and determinant, analytical geometry, statistics. This paper examines your speed and accuracy in solving your Maths skills and questions. First, clear your basics. Make formula, method and calculations strong from the beginning. Reading books of 10th and 12th is beneficial.

Guide Book For Written Exam:-

If you want a complete guidebook for NDA and NA Exam, then go through these two books. The first book is a comprehensive Guide and the second one contains a paper of NDA and NA exams.

    1. Pathfinder for NDA & NA Entrance Examination National Defence Academy/Naval Academy Conducted by UPSC
      by Arihant Experts
  1. ARIHANT Chapterwise and Sectionwise Solved Papers NDA and NA

2. SSB interview:-

After passing the written exam, you will be called for interviewing the Service Selection Board. It is taken for testing your intelligence and personality. The interview is of full 900 marks and your overall score depends on it. Start preparing for it with the written examination. In the interview, you have to look for the quality of the staff like the responsibilities such as responsible attitude, understanding the situation, reacting, teamwork etc. In such a way Self Confidence is extremely important. You must have detailed knowledge related to the country’s history, politics and military with your city’s information. Focus on your physical fitness.

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