Lucent GK Book PDF in Hindi & English (Book Review)


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Lucent General Knowledge:-

  • There is some fixed type of pattern in almost every exam. Which you can understand by analyzing last year papers. Then you should start reading GK.
  • Lucent GK is good for Science and Static portion. This book has enough data for History, Polity, Geography, and Economics. Because there is no end GK and also general knowledge portion of any exam has not any specified syllabus.
  • So you should study each and every part of this book and try to mug up the things in your mind. Also, you should focus more on Maths and English because these two parts are very very important for Pre and as well as SSC mains. Also it will be very helpful if you are preparing for any other exam.

Description of the Book:-

This book will unquestionably upgrade the level of general information on the understudies and the competitors of aggressive examinations. This book may substantiate itself as dependable to take into account the need of its readers. This Book is helpful for each peruser when all is said in done and for the hopefuls of different aggressive examinations, viz. UPSC Civil Services, CDS, NDA, and other State Public Service Commission’s exams.

Important GK Portion For Any Exam:- 

  • Physics- Invention and Scientist, SI units, Motion, Sound, Light, Wave, Energy, and Electricity
  • Chemistry – Properties of substances and their uses, Gases and Surface chemistry
  • Biology- Inventions & scientist, Human body parts, nutrition in animal plants, Diseases & their causes
  • Geography – Indian geography, Rivers, mountains, Volcano, Soil, National parks and centuries, Minerals, Island and Seas
  • History- Vedic, Indus Civilization, Buddhism and Jainism, medieval India and their imp system leaders, Monuments)
  • Polity- Functions of President/Governor/Parliament/State legislature/SC/HC, Writs,Major amendments and Emergency provisions
  • Economics- GDP/GNP/NNP, Inflation.Budget, 5-year plans, Important bodies like RBI, NABARD, SEBI, IRDA, etc.
  • Computer- Development of computer, Input, Output, and memory, etc
  • Miscellaneous- Census, book and writers, First male and female related questions, Awards, and sports, etc.
  • Current affairs

Difference Between Lucent GK & Arihant GK Book:-

    • I have read both Lucent and Arihant GK book. Personally, I don’t like both books.  I suggest u take any one of the books. Both books provide completely enough information for SSC and other competitive examinations.
    • There are also various books available in the market but these two books best among them. I recommend you go through any one of these two books. Lucent GK is good among its miscellaneous topics but In Arihant, there are some more facts and also it is cheaper than Lucent.
  • So finally first go through any one of these two books and after mastering anyone book solve last years paper from “Kiran SSC last Year paper” or from any other Last year paper bank. That will be enough for an exam.
  • If you have more time then I may suggest you go through NCERTS books from 6-10 classes. But it will take you a lot of time and also there will be 2, 3 or 4 other subjects that you have to prepare. Therefore I do not recommend you to go through NCERT.
  • First complete Lucent or Arihant GK book and ten last Years question paper. That sit.

About The Book:-

  • Book:- Lucent GK Book PDF
  • Author:- Binay Karna
  • Pages:- 410
  • Language:- Hindi and English
  • Publisher:- Lucent
  • No Of Pages: 501 Pages
  • Publishing Date:- 2018
  • Edition:- Latest

Lucent GK Book English Contents:-

  1. Indian history
  2. Ancient India
  3. World History
  4. Ancient World
  5. Medieval World
  6. Modern World
  7. Geography
  8. Indian Polity and Constitution
  9. Indian Economy
  10. Physics
  11. Chemistry
  12. Biology
  13. miscellaneous GK
  14. Computer
  15. Appendix

Lucent GK Book Hindi Contents:-

  • भारतीय इतिहास
  • प्राचीन भारत
  • विश्व इतिहास
  • प्राचीन विश्व
  • मध्ययुगीन दुनिया
  • आधुनिक दुनियाँ
  • भूगोल
  • भारतीय राजनीति और संविधान
  • भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था
  • भौतिक विज्ञान
  • रसायन विज्ञान
  • जीवविज्ञान
  • मिसलेनियस GK (विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी खेल-कूद आदि)
  • कंप्यूटर
  • अनुबंध

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